Massage Therapy & Jim Gaffigan

A Facebook group I am part of is in a heated debate over something comedian Jim Gaffigan said concerning massage therapy. He said massages are expensive and weird and that massage therapists are strange and have traits of serial killers. I know the last part is said in jest and he doesn’t mean this literally so I’m not completely offended. He finds the idea of going to a stranger, stripping naked, and paying this stranger to rub all over you just because you are sore to be a strange concept. He even states that when his wife asks for a massage “….You good? My hands are cramping…” and he can’t give her a thorough massage.

I am a fan of Jim Gaffigan and this certainly will not turn me away from him. Just like celebrities do not sway my political opinions, a celebrity will not sway my life choices on a career. I am sure I will continue to watch his Netflix specials. He’s a pretty funny guy, in my opinion.

One woman was upset because she felt as if he was shooting down massage therapy as a career, almost as if it was a personal attack on her self. I, on the other hand, saw it as something completely different. What I heard him say is something I have heard many friends say about massage. Yes, it’s expensive and yes it is scary to get naked and allow a stranger (or a friend) rub you down while they stand above you fully clothed. You are placing a lot of trust in this person to not take advantage of you. It is easier, but just as expensive, to go to the doctor and swallow pills but that may not cure anything either. In fact, you could be opening the door for more problems with possible side effects from pills.

And then there is the lesser known fact that a massage therapist is not a magic healer. We can’t just wave our hands over your body and all your aches and pains disappear. Often times it takes regular sessions in order to bring your body to a balanced state. And guess what else must be done? I’m going to share this little secret with you, but don’t tell anyone because nobody knows this….Ready? (and this I am telling you for free…..) It’s what you do in between your sessions is what REALLY makes the difference!!! That’s right, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF!!!!! Drink water! Drink less soda and beer! Cut back on sugar and carbs! EXERCISE!!! Stretch! Be kind to yourself! Trust me….

Of course, I’m not talking about if you have a true medical disorder. This is if you are just in a general state of not feeling well, general soreness, general stress, etc. If there is chronic debilitating pain then by all means, see a doctor, not me!

I understand what Gaffigan was saying. I really do. This is a challenging idea that all massage therapists must face and those who are worth their weight should be able to overcome this with some reasonable degree of success. Of course, we can’t win everyone over and that’s ok. I’m not trying to save the world. Those that are ready for a lifestyle change will come to me when they need me, I can’t force myself on them. Perhaps Gaffigan had a bad massage, I know I have had a few. Or maybe he just hit on some good material. Either way, I don’t take it personal but his opinion is an opinion that is shared with many people. I get it. But it won’t slow me down.

It is what it is.

Who needs a massage, anyway?

~ Razz


2 thoughts on “Massage Therapy & Jim Gaffigan”

  1. Have you been an LMT for very long? Have you been discredited, disrespected, overworked, underpaid, and sexually harassed? It’s just hilarious, isn’t it? Working for peanuts, getting chronic tendonitis, no health care,nor do the clients get massage coverage even though many are helped much more by massage than PT or chiropractic work. I can’t stop laughing.


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